Saturday, October 2, 2010


This Blog is being REDONE! Instead of righting the wrongs of animal misunderstandings, I will now use this as a showcase for one of the passions in my life: Cryptozoology.

This Blog will now feature creatures from around the world with info on them, pictures, news updates, book reviews and recommendations and even a few comics once in a while. It may even have some original art done by me if I feel so creative.

A large part of it will be my personal pleasure, the Cryptids from my home here in Ohio, so any of you out there that are from Ohio keep your eyes peeled, I may mention sightings of things from your neck of the woods! But that by no means is going to be the only place I focus on. I plan to look at te Cryptids that tend to get passed over even in the Cryptozoological circles, those Cryptids that are even more hidden then their brethren.

In this attempt to further the cause of Cryptozoology I hope I succeed and catch your imaginations of what could really be out there.

May your intellectual Hunts be fruitful!

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